easy installation galvanized corrugated steel sheet

Estimated Reading Time 7 mins10 steps how to install corrugated metal roofing

Measure your roof.Without getting up on the roof itself,you can get the measurements simply byBuy the metal panels.Depending on the area of the roof,you can use different sized panels.YouLay the roofing felt.The purpose of the roofing felt is to create a layer of insulation.If you areLay and secure the first metal panel.When laying the metal,you will need to start from the bottomComplete the first row.When its time to lay another metal panel,overlap the previous piece by atFinish the first side of the roof.Start the next row above the last panel on the previous row.Lay and secure the metal panels on the other side.You will then need to repeat this process onAttach the peaked ridge cap.Finish the top by adding a peaked ridge cap that is shaped just likeSeal the roof seams.Here you will take roofing cement or roofing caulk and make sure there arePaint the roof.To give your metal roof even more durability,you can paint it with a clear-coatHow to Install Galvanised Steel Roofing Sheets? [PDF Jun 03,2020·Installation Procedure of Galvanised Sheet Roofing 1.Galvanised Steel Sheet.The G.S roof shall not be pitched at a flatter slope than one vertical to 5 horizontal.The normal pitch adopted shall usually be one vertical to 3 horizontal.The G.S sheets shall be laid with a minimum lap of 15 cm at the ends and two ridges or corrugations at each side.

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